Trumbull Boot Campers Pull “The Weight Sled.”

In preparation for the In Home-Health and Fitness Boot Camp challenge, Chris Terenzio had his Trumbull boot campers pull the weight sled!  50 pounds pulled 30 yards in each direction (3 times for each camper) equalled burning quads and racing hearts.  “I never imagined that I could love and hate an exercise at the same time” stated one camper.  The Trumbull participants are getting ready to wage friendly competition against their Stamford counterparts.  Stay tuned to see what happens next (pictures and video coming soon).

One Response to “ Trumbull Boot Campers Pull “The Weight Sled.” ”

  1. Wow! I love the challenge. I wish you would conduct boot camps in NYC, I would be first to sign up.
    You have a great philosophy, Chris, with effort and dedication one can reach personal success.