Semi-Private and One-on-One Training

One on one and semi private training programs begin with the client filling out a health history survey, which includes all pertinent medical information, fitness goals and expectations, previous exercise history, and sport participation.

The survey is followed by an assessment that includes movement screens and strength and endurance tests which help the trainer identify deficiencies and weakness that the client may unaware of.

The program is designed, taking into account how much time the client can commit, as well as the clients needs and desires.

Four Places to Train

All training session offered by In-Home Health & Fitness can be conducted at four different locations:

  1. In the privacy of your own home.  There is no space to small.  If you don’t have the equipment, we bring it to you.
  2. At a private, One on One studio in Stamford.  For those who like the atmosphere of a fitness center.
  3. A small, comfortable, profession studio in Trumbull.  Less equipment, totally private, everything we need to conduct a great session.
  4. In the Great outdoors.  In your backyard, In our backyard, in the local park or in the woods.  The choice is yours.  We travel to where you want to train.