Resistance Training is the key to Fat Loss

Most people think that cardiovascular exercise is best way to shed excess fat weight.  Unfortunately that is not true.  And dieting alone is not enough to make a big difference either.  Resistance training is the key to reducing your body fat.  Think of it this way. Muscle equals metabolism; the more muscle you have, the more efficiently your metabolism will run.  Muscles require energy for maintenance, so they help you burn calories.  Also, a more muscular body burns more calories while performing aerobic exercise. The bottom line is –  if you are not lifting weights, add resistance training to your program.  You will be thrilled with the results. Chose exercises that work all the muscles of the body, and  be sure to select a weight that is challenging on the last few repetitions. If you don’t know what to do, contact a qualified instructor.  Chris at In Home Health & Fitness can help you.  Call 203.253.3179.

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