i4 Sports Golf Conditioning

If you think golfers are not athletes, you’re wrong. While they don’t look like bodybuilders, or need to be the size of a football player, golfers must train in order to improve. Golf is a sport that requires flexibility,  power, functional range of motion, endurance, proper posture, balance and coordination.  The best golfers have elite workout programs. As a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, I will design a personalized i4 Golf Conditioning Program that will address all of the attributes that you need to become a better, more consistent golfer.

Using the i4 Method (Identify, Isolate, Integrate and Improve) I will Identify any weaknesses or deficiencies that you have. Next, I select exercises that Isolate your problem areas. When proper function is restored, we begin to Integrate the exercises so that all body parts work as a unit, the way you perform while swinging the golf club. The result is an Improved golf game.

If you want to: add yardage to your shots, shave strokes off of your game, and play pain free, this is the conditioning program for you.

5 Iron Warm Up

Resistance Band Sequence

Open Book Rotation

Kettle Bell Lateral

Lower Back Big 3


i4 Sports Skiing and Snowboarding Conditioning

The i4 Sports Conditioning Series: Skiing and Snowboarding is a culmination of over 23 years of experience training athletes of all levels.
This manual is theSports Conditioning for the Skier and Snowboarder essential strength and conditioning guide for any one who wants to improve their abilities on the slopes.


  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced fitness programs
  • Over 60 exercises to work your legs, core and upper body
  • Stretches to increase flexibility
  • Warm-up routine for pre-workout or before a day on the mountain
  • Nutritional advice to increase energy levels
  • Strategies to enhance recovery
  • Online link to communicate with the author, a certified trainer and sports conditioning specialist
  • Additional techniques to advance your program to keep challenge high and much more…

i4 Sports Conditioning Series: Skiing and Snowboarding is on sale now at Amazon!


Lower Back Big 3