Exercise and Recovery

Any good strength and conditioning specialist will tell you that your fitness program isn’t just about what you do during the workout.  Much of the current scientific research regarding fitness deals with what to do when you are not working out, or more specifically, how to enhance recovery.

Here are five different aspects that you should consider to optimize your efforts spent training:

1)  Adequate rest – Not only does this mean the proper amount of sleep each night, but also time in between workout sessions. Generally, the harder you work out, the longer you should rest.

2)  Nutrition – We have to go beyond the basics of eating the proper food.  What and when you eat is of utmost importance.  Pre-and post-workout meals differ, as does what you should consume during training sessions.

3) Stretching – After the workout, a good stretching session will help alleviate post exercise soreness, and will give you proper range of motion for the next training session.  It is believed that stretching also enhances circulation, which helps the above mentioned aspects of recovery.

4)  Massage – This will help work out the knots, trigger points and general ache.  You can either have a qualified professional do the work for you or you can utilize self massage devices such as a massage stick or foam roller.

5) Other therapies – Another great recovery method is to use alternating heat and cold.  The easiest way to do this is in the shower.  Start with warm water and then turn the faucet to cold for 30 seconds.  Return to hot water and alternate 3-5 times.  this promotes blood flow to and from the surface of the body.  This increase in circulation is thought to be beneficial.  Be sure not to scold yourself!

If you would like help regarding one or more of these ideas, contact Chris at

www.bootcamp-ct.com.  Good Luck!  train hard, and recover properly.

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